George Daranyi

Professional & Legal Services since 1998

Speaker & Facilitator

In addition to his legal services, his intervention coordinator activities, and his leadership role with The ManKind Project, Mr. Daranyi has been an active public speaker, workshop presenter, and facilitator in the areas of personal growth, spiritual development, and recovery. His presentation and workshop topics have included (among others): relapse prevention, self-care, spirituality, male initiation, end of life preparation, and the potential for the transformation of the political realm.

Mr. Daranyi's audiences have been comprised of tens of thousands of patients and former patients (of all genders) of several well-known treatment centers, along with individuals belonging to civic, church, educational, and other community groups.

Mr. Daranyi has developed several highly effective workshops. One, "Seven Powerful Steps to Self-Care," is a ninety-minute to two-hour experience that can help transform lives. This workshop combines universal spiritual principles together with traditional twelve-step concepts and common sense. It helps ordinary people develop a simple program for self-care in order to sustain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This workshop can be given to as few as five people and as many as several hundred at one time.   

Another workshop is called, "Finish the Unfinished Business" and is primarily for people who are "stuck" in the recovery process or in their lives. What Mr. Daranyi has learned from experience and now teaches is that it is impossible to get unstuck—and free—unless one has first finished the unfinished business from the past. This is also a ninety-minute to two-hour workshop with hands-on work that aims toward resolution around these critical questions: What is my unfinished business? Why have I not addressed it? And, most importantly, what do I need to do now to get on with my life?

Another of Mr. Daranyi’s workshops is called "Confronting the Two-Choice Dilemma." It is designed to crystallize the place in one's life in which internal conflict resides, the place where the risk of doing nothing and the risk of doing something converge. Once that point is identified, Mr. Daranyi helps participants recognize that all of their previous strategies to avoid their own two-choice dilemma no longer work and that they are now confronted with having to choose which path to take—recognizing that there is potential for significant upheaval in either choice.

In the Fall of 2017, Mr. Daranyi delivered a DEBx talk (think TED or TEDx, with a twist) which is now available on YouTube. It addresses avoiding "End of Life Regrets." Mr. Daranyi has facilitated many Celebrations of Life for people (while still living).

All workshops, programs, speeches, and other facilitated events can be customized to fit particular wants and needs. Costs are negotiated on a per-event-basis.

Additional Workshops and Trainings

Mr. Daranyi is always in the process of developing, refining, and delivering new workshops and programs. Contact him to see what other offerings may be underway and are not yet posted here.